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Coverage and frequency are shrinking. Thus, including clients’ staff in your retail execution processes is a good idea. In digitisation times, you can better understand your POS brand conditions, linking F2F visits with digital actions. Here are a few suggestions on how to start this exciting journey and sell more.

How to go digital successfully?

A self-service Customer Portal allows you to connect with the customers virtually. The portal can be accessed by the stores’ personnel on their smartphones. You can keep in touch with the customers, regardless of if/or how often your field sales representatives visit the customer. You can also engage your retailers digitally in selected sales activities, like merchandising, shelf-auditing, order placing, etc.

What are the benefits?

  • You receive current feedback from the stores bridging your field sales face-to-face visits.
  • You increase in-store effectiveness allowing the POS staff to support the efforts of your own mobile staff.
  • Your retailers are up-to-date regarding your offer, promotions, new products etc.
  • You can impact more stores with your sales activities, even those not covered by your field sales force.

How to activate retail customers effectively?

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Assign specific targets for individual stores. However, you need to find a motivational trigger to make your customers engage, e.g., providing loyalty points or coupons.


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