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Digitisation, virtual partnerships, on-line calls - all of these bring in a breath of fresh air into the consumer goods Go-to-Market models. Digitisation helps FMCG companies to improve sales excellence, overcome frequency and coverage limitations, increase competitiveness and optimise processes. 

There are many options at hand:

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  1. Classical e-Commerce B2B, which focusses typically on ordering and related processes like pricing, trade terms, promotions, quotas and stocks, order details and statuses, payments and deliveries.
  2. Advanced e-Commerce B2B, which includes game-changing processes like loyalty programs, gamification, targeting and Perfect Store.
  3. AI-powered e-Commerce B2B, which helps you to understand your relationships with business partners better, execute transactions more intelligently and create a more personalised customer experience based on data and insightful suggestions.
  4. e-Commerce D2C (direct-to-consumer), which allows you to serve consumers directly, without any middleman. All to increase your brand’s impact, build trust and commitment more efficiently and tighten the relationship with shoppers and consumers.
  5. Customer Portal, which enables a virtual communication channel to keep in touch with retail customers, regardless of if/or how often your field sales representatives visit a store. Effectively educate its customer staff of your offers and products. Engage the POS personnel in selected sales activities to be executed between the sales calls, assign targets and monitor their achievement levels. These can include activities like merchandising, shelf-auditing, order placing, etc.
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