Promotion at the point of sale is very important - brands are vying for the consumer's attention, and competition is very intense, especially in the FMCG industry, which forces a variety of creative actions to get the customer interested in the store's offer.

One such solution can be the use of additional furniture using Augmented Reality technology.

MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE - one of the leading companies in the FMCG industry in France, specializing in the production and sale of chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy, was looking for an innovative way to increase the quality of its sales visits and the effectiveness of its product presentation in stores - that is, to increase the amount of additional furniture. Asseco Business Solutions, as a partner in modern technological solutions, introduced an innovative solution for MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE - Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) - A Modern Sales Tool

“When a sales representative visits a store, one of his or her tasks is to conduct discussions with the point-of-sale manager on the insertion of additional furniture in the store.

The implementation of Augmented Reality by Asseco Business Solutions has allowed the sales representatives a new quality in the presentation of additional displays in stores. This contributes to more effective negotiations with retailers. The benefits? Increased brand visibility, better Hot Zone locations, and savings in negotiation time.”- says Benjamin Thomassin, Sales System administrator in Mars Wrigley France

Introducing Displays Using Augmented Reality

Asseco Business Solutions has provided MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE with a tool that allows sales representatives to present displays during negotiations with retailers. Augmented Reality allows to present a visualization of such a piece of furniture in a store, in real size and in a 3D model, how a given display will look in a specific location of the store. This innovative approach makes the process of negotiating and convincing store representatives to insert an additional piece of furniture much easier.

The representative on the tablet can easily show how exactly such a display will look like in a given selected place - in real dimensions. The Mobile Touch application additionally supports users by providing them with a convincing selling story that they can use during a conversation with the store manager. All this together constitutes great and effective support for the representative in building brand awareness among consumers.

MARS AR - Mid -v1

Advantages of Using Displays at the Point of Sale

Displays, or stands, racks, and other advertising furniture, play a key role in increasing brand recognition and influencing retail customers' purchasing decisions. This form of promotion attracts the attention of the retail customer in both large-format stores and small-space operations. The use of such materials is sure to increase brand recognition and emphasize brand character. More than 70% of purchasing decisions are made in stores - the right choice of advertising furniture and other materials can positively affect sales results. Therefore, it is not surprising that most manufacturers use displays to increase the visibility of their products at the point of sale. The use of displays is one way to enhance brand presence.

MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE is already seeing the benefits of using displays in its field work. Observing positive effects such as increasing the "display strike rate," being able to obtain the most effective Hot Zone locations, converting a customer's negative attitude into a purchase decision, and saving negotiation time, MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE is finding that investing in these solutions brings tangible benefits. In addition, the unique and innovative function of display presentation distinguishes representatives and the company from the competition.


The introduction of Augmented Reality by Asseco Business Solutions for MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE is a step towards a modern, effective product presentation at the point of sale. An innovative approach to negotiating with retailers, the use of our solution has significantly reduced the time a sales representative has to spend on this element of the visit.

The manual solution they were using until now was very labor-intensive and the result was not visually appealing. MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE’s sales reps have noticed that Augmented Reality from Asseco gives them much better-quality results, is easier for them to use, and is more efficient, making them much more willing to use it during their store visit. Using innovative solutions to support sales, MARS WRIGLEY FRANCE remains one of the leaders in the FMCG industry in France.



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