In the face of dynamic changes in the tobacco market, the overriding trend is becoming a growing interest in products with reduced health risks, known as "Reduced-Risk Products" - which include e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters, among others. Asseco Business Solutions, guided by this evolving reality, proposes advanced solutions from the Asseco platform tailored to the various challenges and perspectives this transformation brings.


Our solutions are not just dedicated to this particular trend. They are comprehensive tools that meet the needs of tobacco manufacturers, regardless of product specifics or development directions. They cover various aspects of the business, enabling flexible adaptation to the changing market environment and effective achievement of strategic business goals.

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Data Sharing: Deeper Market and Product Analysis

The first key element of our solution is the ability to share data. Our platform, enables data exchange with both distributors and retail outlets. We obtain information on the sales of our own products, inventories, as well as data on the sales of entire categories, taking into account similar, substitute and competitive products. With our tools, manufacturers gain comprehensive access to detailed information on the sales of their products in the market. This not only allows us to pinpoint the location of specific points of sale, where a particular product achieves the most popularity or not at all, but also allows us to track the volume of category sales and the share of sales of proprietary products.

By analyzing this data analytics, we are able to map market potential, including for key sub-categories such as Heated Tobacco Products and Liquids. The information we receive enables us to effectively manage our business partners and adjust our operations to maximize sales. It is worth noting that category data is integrated in a way that eliminates the risk of administrative proceedings for abuse of a dominant market position.

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Recommendation System - Segmentation: Point of Sale Optimization.

Dynamic point-of-sale segmentation is another key feature of Asseco Platform, based on innovative Data Sharing technology. This tool enables a manufacturer to accurately assess the value of each POS from two important perspectives: sales of its own products and potential in key categories, such as the previously mentioned Reduced-Risk products.

To manage market potential, the solution creates dynamic customer segmentations using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. This allows us to accurately assess the sales potential for specific sub-categories on each customer, especially in the context of market changes and for innovative products. The analysis also includes an assessment of category sales and category share, which allows us to identify sales potential gaps below the average for a given customer segment and its region.

Thanks to dynamic segmentation and the knowledge gained about potential at the level of individual customers, the manufacturer is able to target targeted activities oriented to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI). Particularly important are targeted promotions, which allow to effectively and precisely respond to identified gaps in sales potential, while increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

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Recommendation System - New Coverage: Effective Sales Force Management.

Another important component is the Recommendation System - New Coverage. It is based on knowledge of the business potential of the sales force's points of sale, which enables the manufacturer to effectively exchange customers for service. This system indicates which sales forces should serve specific locations, while eliminating customers with low potential.

As a result, the manufacturer is able to optimize resources by directing sales forces to locations with the highest potential, resulting in increased efficiency of sales activities. At the same time, the elimination of low-potential customers helps to focus on areas that really bring business benefits.

Platform Integration Role: Comprehensive Data and Risk Management

Asseco Platform is also distinguished by its integration role. It works by combining data from distributors and retailers, covering sell-out, inventory and category sales data, taking into account competitors' products as well. This comprehensive approach eliminates the risk of administrative proceedings for abuse of a dominant market position.

One View Process Monitoring: Control and Optimization

Last, but not least, is the ability to monitor the entire process using One View, based on the Power BI platform. This tool allows full control over the cyclic customer selection process and monitoring of the effects of activities.

Thanks to this, the manufacturer is able not only to control whether the process is running smoothly, but also to effectively analyze the results of activities. Monitoring the effects allows adjusting the business strategy, making it possible for the manufacturer to focus on the areas that bring the expected benefits.



In conclusion, Asseco Business Solutions meets the new challenges of the tobacco industry, offering comprehensive solutions that not only respond to changing market trends, but also translate into real business benefits. Data Sharing, Recommendation System, the integration role of the platform, enrichment of data from external sources and monitoring in One View are not just tools, but the key to successful adaptation and success in the new market reality.


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