As a leading producer of the most renowned spice brands in Poland (Kamis, Galeo), McCormick Polska S.A. has always focused on delivering the highest quality products to the market. Consumer trust is of utmost importance to the company, which is why it invests in the continuous development of its production facilities and modern solutions in sales management. For over 7 years, McCormick Polska S.A. has been using the Mobile Touch system by Asseco, and recently, it introduced the Connector platform, enabling the smooth exchange of trade data with the distribution network. Seeking additional functionality to enhance the work comfort of sales representatives and improve the quality and quantity of gathered information, McCormick Polska S.A. chose the innovative solution, Image Recognition by Asseco, which turned out to be a perfect choice. 

Image Recognition – Automating Shelf Audits

Asseco's implementation of Image Recognition marks a milestone for McCormick Polska S.A. With seamless integration into the existing provider's ecosystem and the utilization of artificial intelligence for data processing and result generation, Image Recognition by Asseco became a crucial tool for the sales representatives. The process of shelf auditing has been significantly automated, resulting in improved data quality and a considerable reduction in the duration of store visits. Sales representatives no longer need to manually verify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – after taking a photo, they receive instant feedback in real-time. The data provided by Image Recognition by Asseco is highly precise, virtually eliminating the need for control visits. This has led to saving time and resources, which can now be directed towards other essential business areas. 

Collaboration of Image Recognition with Perfect Store and Sales Rep Objectives

The data generated by Image Recognition by Asseco has become a vital source of information for the Perfect Store solution, which sets goals for sales representatives. Due to the high trust in the data provided by Image Recognition, McCormick Polska S.A. decided to expand its scope to include an additional KPI – price audits. This new feature will provide the company with information about product prices for both their own and competitors' products within their relevant categories. This represents another step towards optimizing sales strategies and pricing, enabling the company to respond better to changing market conditions. 

Sales Analytics with One View

The introduction of the One View solution was a natural step following the implementation of Image Recognition. With full integration into the remaining elements of the ecosystem, One View enables comprehensive data analysis acquired through Image Recognition. The company can now analyze data at various levels – from the central level to regions and individual sales representatives. The reports are accessible both on desktop and mobile devices, allowing real-time monitoring of key sales indicators and prompt decision-making. Additionally, One View helps detect unwanted situations on both macro (e.g., lack of a specific product in certain regions) and micro levels (e.g., low value of a specific KPI for a particular sales representative). This valuable support for sales representatives enhances efficiency and achieves better sales results. 

Development and Perspectives

McCormick Polska S.A is confident that its collaboration with Asseco Business Solutions will provide stability, growth, and access to the latest technologies. An example of such development is the introduction of Augmented Reality, which facilitates detailed examination of extensive and wide shelves (combining multiple partial images into one final result). By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, McCormick Polska S.A continuously improves work quality, translating into better sales performance. 

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The adoption of innovative solutions from Asseco Business Solutions, such as Image Recognition and One View, significantly boosted the efficiency and work quality of McCormick Polska S.A sales representatives. Automating shelf audits through Image Recognition, comprehensive data analysis with One View, and the utilization of Augmented Reality are just some of the elements contributing to the company's success in the market. Collaborating with Asseco Business Solutions ensures McCormick Polska S.A stability, growth, and access to the latest technologies, enabling the company to remain a market leader and continue developing its spice brands. 

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