We offer a leading-edge e-Commerce B2B & B2C platform enabling virtual collaboration with distributors, retailers, wholesalers, brokers, independent customers and consumers. Our solution helps you to engage them in selected sales processes in self-service mode. It enables digitalisation of your sales operations and the opportunity to constitute complementary routes-to-market.

Go Digital with Connector B2B & B2C by Asseco

Connector B2B & B2C by Asseco is a leading-edge e-Commerce web application for self-service channels in FMCG.


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    The functional scope of Connector B2B & B2C by Asseco

    Connector B2B & B2C by Asseco supports 24/7 communication with your business partners and on-line sales management (B2B). It also enables you to serve consumers virtually (B2C).

    • Brand communication. Easily embed your corporate identity into your e-Commerce solution, including e.g. brand values & strategies, product catalogues, visual libraries, promotions or events.
    • Trade terms. Provide your sales partners with information about your offers, available quotas and stocks, prices, promotion details and regular trade terms.
    • Orders. Enable your customers to place and process orders on their own while having access to all the critical information, like payments, order statuses, invoice details, delivery dates, etc.
    • Complaints. Facilitate the handling of suggestions and objections articulated by your customers.
    • Loyalty. Reward your customers for selected sales activities. Enable them to earn credits and/or collect points.
    • Perfect Store. Make your business partners take care of your Perfect Store standards in self-service mode.
    • Targeting. Continuously increase the engagement of your customers. Provide them with dedicated targets and reward the accomplishment of the targets with related trade terms.
    • Gamification. Apply gamification elements by building national, regional or local competitions among your business partners.

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