Data Integration

Data Integration capabilities help consumer goods manufacturers in collecting demand signals from distribution channels and stores. They support the sales related data exchange with your business partners. In effect they contribute to the digitalisation of your business.

Data Integration by Asseco - improve sell-through across your distribution channels

Data Integration by Asseco is a platform designed to support the data transfer between FMCG manufacturers and their business partners. It provides you with factual and reliable data from various sources and enables data processing and reporting. The platform helps to optimise demand and supply planning, as well as allowing you to better analyse the market, effectively influence your business partners and your sales force, as well as optimise your routes to market.

Our Data Integration platform includes solutions like Connector EDI (the ability to exchange data and handle all the technical aspects related to it) and Connector Enterprise (the ability to clean and standardize data).


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Our solutions help to answer questions such as:

  • How to effectively exchange data with my business partners?
  • How to collect high quality data coming from business partners?
  • Am I selling through the best stores?
  • Is my sales force covering the right stores?
  • Am I reaching the right stores with the right products?
  • Can my business partner ensure the continuity of my product delivery to the stores?
  • How much do I lose due to out-of-stocks?
  • Are the trade terms agreed with my business partners justified?
  • How well do my investments with retailers pay off?
  • What does my product distribution look like?
  • Am I taking the full advantage of the potential of all my territories?
  • And many more!

Sources of data

Our Data Integration platform transfers data coming from many different sources. It helps you to engage with the key data providers to constantly fuel the solution with significant chunks of data. These include:

ePOS Retailer Data – scanner data coming from the stores, including information on actual sales of your products made at a retail outlet.

Distributor/Wholesaler/Broker Data – warehouse stocks, sell-through to retail stores, retailers’ point-of-sales check-out data, category data and many more.

3rd Party Agency Data – data collected by other entities like outsourcing companies (outsourced field sales teams) or distributors (distributors’ field sales teams) on behalf of consumer goods manufacturers.

Syndicated Data – purchased information coming from market research companies, for example Nielsen. It covers data on sales, market shares, category sales, etc.

Crowd Sourcing Data – data acquired from crowdsourcing vendors who engage large groups of people (not only sales professionals) to survey the market.

Data processing

Our Data Integration Platform helps to ensure and constantly improve the quality of the transferred data. It supports e.g. automatic data transfer and standardization of retail stores details, detection of chain retail points as well as removal of duplicated entries.

Cleansing includes a set of data quality and automatic data matching services, e.g. geo-localization, deduplication and chain matching. It cleans incoming records by identifying incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data. Such data records are modified, deleted or changed automatically into a form readable by the destination solution.

Mapping is an important element of the data transformation process. It enables mapping codes of products and customers between the systems of business partners and manufacturers. It includes automatic conversion of units of measure and recalculation of quantities and prices.

Enriching allows FMCG manufacturers to improve the quality of the raw data coming from different sources. This functionality enables not only merging of external data with existing data in order to gain deeper insights but much more.


Data Integration by Asseco allows consumer goods manufacturers to exchange high volumes of data frequently. It supports the comprehensive management of the electronic exchange of all types of information and documents irrespective of their type and format.

EDI services support the data transfer and handle all aspects of electronic data interchange, including for example secure message transmission and routing.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services allow FMCG manufacturers to digitalize data not available electronically, for example printouts.


Our Data Integration platform provides fast and flexible reports, interactive executive dashboards, drill-down analysis, ad-hoc query and data exploration, data export in multiple file formats and automatic report distribution.

Data Integration by Asseco
will enable you to:

  • Replace manual data exchange (e.g. via e-mails).
  • Automatically detect errors in the exchanged data.
  • Save time needed for manual mapping of product or customer codes.
  • Save time needed for manual processing of message content (e.g. data enrichment).
  • Ensure successful message delivery.
  • Reduce risk of lost sales due to products being out-of-stock.
  • Improve multiple KPIs such as sell-out by point of sales, numeric distribution, inventory levels at business partners, etc.
  • Immediately react to any negative trends identified in your distribution channels.
  • Improve execution of sales plans.
  • Redefine your routes to markets.
  • Gain instant access to business insights based on demand data to comprehend your sales.
  • Monitor your distributors’ stocks to ensure stock replenishment just in time.
  • Make settlements with business partners based on sell-out and stock level figures.
  • Agree the right trade terms with your distributors, based on actual sell-out to retail stores.
  • Align bonuses for your sales force with the sell-out results they achieve in their sales territories.

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We will process your personal data as a consequence of the completion of the form. Information
 about the purpose for which we process your personal data and what rights you have in relation to its processing by us can be found in the Information clause.