Tune your FMCG Route-to-Market with Demand Signal Management

18 October 2022

With the proliferation of data driven by the ever-increasing digitisation of processes, the ability to…


Five key benefits of using AI-driven suggestions in consumer goods sales

13 September 2022

What changes in your sales performance when incorporating data-driven insights into your Route-to-Market? With Artificial…


5 tips for the next level in Perfect Store execution

28 June 2022

Perfect Store is one of the most widespread retail execution visions in the consumer goods…


Streamline FMCG Route-to-Market decision-making with data-driven insights

08 June 2022

Incorporating data-driven recommendations into a Go-to-Market strategy is critical for consumer goods companies seeking better…


2022 POI Vendor Panorama recommendation: Evaluate Asseco when seeking the ability to sell more

19 May 2022

The Promotion Optimization Institute has already launched its critical industry report: „Vendor Panorama for Retail…


Boost pharmaceutical reps’ efficiency with relevant Image Recognition

05 April 2022

It is already widely accepted that Image Recognition helps solve problems at visited POSs, no…


How to make the most of Image Recognition in FMCG?

23 March 2022

Most consumer goods manufacturers know the value of Image Recognition in the POS auditing process….


Why is remote collaboration expanding on consumer goods sales at the POS?

01 March 2022

Shifts in the retail landscape along with the Covid crisis brought a renewed focus on…


Explore the fundamental steps toward digital transformation in FMCG

18 February 2022

Digitisation of sales processes and data has been touted as the way for FMCG companies…



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