Promotion Optimization Institute launched this month its main industry report: 2023 Vendor Panorama for Consumer Goods Retail Sales Execution Capability & Solution Advancements”. We are proud to announce that we received multiple “POI Best-in-Class” distinctions for our software and technologies, which support FMCG producers in their sales.

Asseco Business Solutions has been supporting the sales management processes of FMCG producers for many years and we are present In international markets. As a modern retail software provider, we focus on tools that use artificial intelligence, augmented reality, image recognition, machine learning, and knowledge about user experience.

Our Best-in-Class Functionality Distinctions (awarded with others) mentioned in Promotion Optimization Institute’s report 2023 Vendor Panorama for Consumer Goods Retail Sales Execution Capability & Solution Advancements”:

➤ Advanced Imaging Technology (merchandising, Augmented Reality, AR)

➤ Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics (Artificialinte lntelligence, AI, Machine Learning)

➤ Omnichannel Engagement (eCommerce, B2B, DTC, Tele-virtual)

➤ Retail Activity Optimization (RAO)

➤ Mobile (UX)

➤ Coaching (business)

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According to the report, Promotion Optimization Institute recognises Asseco Business Solutions’ Thought Leadership and Innovation in consumer goods. We are recommended for companies, which are looking for solutions to drive sales force efficiencies and incremental sales. Below you can find some more details:

Configuration/Customization: The Asseco platform provides extensive configuration tools which allow a customer to configure as necessary. Custom code is not preferred, but it is an option, and Asseco will then incorporate it into the standard product offering. Development follows an agile methodology with monthly releases to quickly adapt to customer and/or market requirements. Asseco provides the possibility to add user-exits that enrich standard solution functionality with custom extensions. Those custom extensions do not affect the core product offering and are fully managed for future solution upgrades.

Technology Architecture/Delivery Options: Hosted/private cloud is the primary delivery option in EMEA. IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, and Yandex provide cloud services outside of EMEA.

Technology Partners: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung. Territory and Route Optimization: CACI, Portatour, PTV, IQ Solutions. Maps: Google, Apple, TomTom, Yandex.

About the Promotion Optimization Institute

The Promotion Optimization Institute brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics, and other industry leaders to collaboratively improve holistic enterprise planning and promote and distribute consumer goods. Members of POI share cross-functional best practices in both structured and informal settings.

About the authors

Pam Brown is a Chief Commercial Officer at POI. In her role, she is responsible for creating and executing the POI strategy, research and advice. She also elevates practices and CPG and Retailer relationships.

Michael Marzano is a POI Affiliate and supports the POI Manufacturer In-Store Retail Sales Execution report with Pam Brown. Mike’s CPG experience spans the complete end-to-end fulfilment process from manufacturing to the last mile at retail.

* Source: “2023 Vendor Panorama for Consumer Goods Retail Sales Execution Capability & Solution Advancements”. 


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