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Your mobile staff visiting brick-and-mortar stores every day is an essential link between your organisation and retail customers. The better qualified and skilled they are the better for your sales growth. AI technology helps to improve many retail execution processes and sell better and sell more at the POS. You can also use Artificial Intelligence to grow your field sales representatives very effectively.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to process large datasets, use algorithms to parse data and search for patterns hidden in the data without a human being’s capacity limitations. As a result, it provides you with insightful sales recommendations on “where-to-go”, “when-to-go” and “what-to-do”. You can also use AI to effectively generate suggestions on “how to grow the competencies, knowledge and skills” of your sales teams.

Embed AI into your Coaching strategy

An ideal Coaching undertaking combines three key elements: setting-up the Coaching strategy, embedding your preferred Coaching model into your mobile retail execution solution and empowering it with AI-tools, like Machine Learning or Deep Learning. Using the power of Big Data in the Coaching process allows you to unlock additional business value.

How to run in practice an AI-empowered Coaching programme in FMCG?

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  1. Create and introduce a Coaching strategy for your sales teams. Determine the areas in which you would like them to grow, like selling techniques, personal skills or product knowledge.
  2. Generate insights coming from Big Data provided by SFA, Demand Signal Management, Customer Portals, ePOS data, etc. This helps you to adjust your Coaching strategy.
  3. Equip your sales managers/mobile coaches with a retail execution technology that allows you to support an ongoing Coaching process. Define your specific Coaching criteria and preferred Coaching model following your sales and Coaching strategy.
  4. Enable effective Coaching planning, including all specific actions like phone calls, one-to-one meetings or joint customer visits.
  5. Conduct regular Coaching sessions. Enable real-time evaluation of the coached subordinates leveraging selected KPIs during joint customer visits.
  6. Ensure access to current information about coached individuals and their results to determine each sales representative’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify those who have not reached their targets and require remedial actions.

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