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Once you apply Perfect Store, you can expect significant sales growth at visited stores at short notice. However, we are now in a situation we have never been in before. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing shopper behaviour, purchasing patterns and the retail landscape dramatically. Thus, your Perfect Store strategy needs amending.

What needs to be changed?

You need to acquire the capability to determine dynamically “where-to-go”, “when-to-go” and “what-to-do” to hit the Perfect Store targets in the ever-changing New Reality. Besides, you can move from F2F visits into self-service capabilities.

How to accomplish this?

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  • Consider embedding Artificial Intelligence into your Perfect Store initiative. It will help you generate valuable insights from big data to improve your Picture of Success penetration. Such insights can include advice on the next-best-action during a visit or even on the next-best-stores to be covered. Leveraging those will help to improve your Perfect Store results.
  • Think about introducing a self-service Customer Portal. Your visited retailers can bridge the gap between two visits. You can also add unserved customers to the mix on top of overcoming coverage issues. In both cases, you will involve the stores’ personnel in Perfect Store auditing on your behalf. With proper target assignments and complimentary benefits, you will motivate your customers to join the party.


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