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To win at the shelf nowadays, you need to influence both retailers and consumers. Additionally, you must support sales in all possible channels, no matter whether they are traditional or digital. To make it happen, you need to introduce one single FMCG Omnichannel strategy and enable its execution in all fields, by all players, with tailored solutions.

So far, we have discussed two types of in-store activities leading to the sales increase. Those are the sales force’s face-to-face visits and complementary digital interactions with retailers. e-Commerce B2C is yet another element of a leading-edge Omnichannel strategy.

With e-Commerce B2C, you can:

  • Enable your customers like trade networks and retail stores to serve consumers both virtually and in click & collect mode.
  • Help retailers to expand and reach new consumers, especially those who are active in the on-line world.
  • Guarantee retailers to maintain sales continuity in unexpected situations like an epidemic as well as in more predictable but still outstanding periods, like seasonal holidays.


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