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Omnichannel is a new and refreshing approach to sales performance in the consumer goods industry. It offers the ability to reach retailers, distributors and consumers by all available channels in parallel, using many different sales tools and sell-more enablers, as well as engaging many more participants of both offline and online sales processes.

You may subject Omnichannel to questions like “Why do I need to execute sales processes across multiple sales channels at the same time? Isn’t it time-consuming, chaotic and difficult to manage? How to arrange it properly?” The answers are simpler you may think.
First of all, Omnichannel allows FMCG companies to reach and serve a greater number of customers faster and better, as well as dominate the categories not only in the bricks-and-mortar world but also in virtual reality. Additionally, when supported appropriately with an easy to manage single FMCG sales platform, Omnichannel enables you to improve sales excellence, save time, optimise resources, automate processes, etc.

What are the must-have features of an Omnichannel for FMCG sales strategy?

  • Mobile Retail Execution supports the classical sales force’s face-to-face calls at bricks-and-mortar points of sales. It includes fundamental day-in-the-life of a field sales rep features like planning, routing, in-store execution covering surveys, orders, promotions, contracts or inventories, as well as sell-more functionalities like Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimization, Motivation and Coaching.
  • Customer Portals enable a virtual cooperation with the POS’ personnel in self-service mode. It is a complementary go-to-market strategy which helps to stay in touch with your existing customers regularly and reach points of sales not (yet) supported by your field sales force. The solution may apply brand communication, order management, contract management, loyalty programmes, Perfect Store, etc.
  • e-Commerce B2B provides your business partners with access to many aspects of your business in a self-service mode as well. The information covers product offers, promotions, discounts, insights, etc. The solution allows your distribution partners to manage virtual order processing and settlement or review order status and delivery information.
  • e-Commerce B2C supports your customers like trade networks and retail stores in expanding traditional sales with online sales, especially in click & collect mode.
  • Data Integration enables the exchange of sales-related data with your business partners. You can also use the solution to collect demand signals from distribution channels/stores and generate significant business insights to support your decision-making process.
  • Data Intelligence is an additional option for consumer goods manufacturers who are open to leverage the latest technology enablers. These include, e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Image Recognition or Augmented Reality.

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