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When leveraging additional data chunks into your Routing, you can find the answer to one of the burning questions in FMCG: “When-to-go?”

In other words, you can direct your field sales force to the stores where you have the best chance of winning at the shelf right now. All based on a combination of both traditional logistical factors and the POS sales potential resulting from current business aspects.

Thus, how to plan optimal daily routes for your field sales force?

  1. Continue the journey with the fundamental logistical optimisation factors, like
    territory, mileage, travel time or POS opening hours.
  2. However, go beyond the current industry standard and take into account dynamic
    visit frequencies, calculated and based on a dynamic POS segmentation.
  3. Leverage additional data chunks, allowing you to determine the real sales potential
    of the stores.
  4. Based on this, include growth-driving business factors to your Routing as well, like
    out-of-stock, next-best-action etc.
  5. Update routes dynamically, adding the points of sales where your intervention
    is indeed necessary.

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