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Do you know the best, smartest and most cost-effective way to your consumers in an ever-changing world? You can achieve it when empowering your existing Route-to-Market strategy with Artificial Intelligence.

AI-driven Route-to-Market 3.0 includes:

  • Dynamic Segmentation. It helps you to continuously determine the points of sales where given product categories sell best (“where-to-go”).
  • Advanced Route Optimisation. It enables you to precisely (and dynamically) identify those stores where you have the best chance of winning at the shelf right now, taking into account their sales potential resulting from current business aspects (“when-to-go”).
  • Intelligent Retail Activity Optimisation. It allows you to empower your field sales force with insightful suggestions on “what to do” at the store level.

What benefits can you expect?

You will allocate the right assortment at those retail outlets where consumers really need it. You can also identify the stores which require quick intervention. Last but not least, you can concentrate on the most profitable actions and achieve the highest return-on-investment.


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