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The pandemic restrictions have started to ease - many countries are more or less coming out of the lockdown. Thus, FMCG companies are taking steps back to normal. Field sales teams are starting face-to-face interactions at brick-and-mortar stores again. However, the “new normal” will limit the number of minutes they can spend on a single visit. Thus, negotiations with the POS personnel must be executed quicker and be more persuasive than ever before. How to do this?

What can help your mobile field force negotiate promotions with the POS staff successfully? It is worth ensuring that they have all the capabilities they need at hand to sell your proposition efficiently and effectively: a compelling visualisation of the selling story, a dedicated business case showing the impact for the retailer and virtual reality experience. All to make your business partners understand your offer better and buy it easier.

We genuinely believe that recent technology improvements provide break-throughs to sell better and sell more at the POS. Smart Presentation and Augmented Reality will help you in executing your promotions to a new level.

Here are a few ideas to help you:

    1. Present your promotion selling stories very attractively. The use of an excellent visualisation tells your retailers more about your offer than millions of words.
    2. Create an insightful business case and load it dynamically into your selling propositions. Use store (segment) level data. It will help your retailers to understand the impact of your promotion on their business.
    3. Let your retailers “experience” your promotion virtually. Use Augmented Reality to place your virtual objects into the real store conditions. It will make your retailers aware of what the point of sales or the shelf will look like, even before they approve your promotion.


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