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We are happy to provide our FMCG customers with the new Mobile Touch by Asseco Roadmap, Summer 2020 Edition. The document presents our vision of how retail execution technology for FMCG should evolve. The roadmap consists of a set of innovative concepts and solutions which are included in our product development strategy. It spans across the three key pillars Digitisation, Omnichannel and Insights.

We issue the Mobile Touch by Asseco Roadmap periodically to make our consumer goods customers aware of what they can expect from their retail execution technology on short- and mid-term. The document is based upon the information gathered by our SFA Product Management team from various sources, like e.g. the Customer Advisory Board, employees, industry reports, analysts, publications, conferences etc.

The key pillars:







The Mobile Touch by Asseco Roadmap, Summer 2020 edition covers the areas, like:

1. Digitisation

– we continue to enable digitisation of sales processes. These include the ability to provide retail customers with ongoing access to many aspects of a manufacturer’s business, collect a broader range of more precise data automatically, generate insights on the fly, as well as interact with sales solutions more naturally.

2. Omnichannel

– we continue to enable the Omnichannel way of selling for the FMCG industry. This includes the ability to execute many sales processes across different sales channels with the support of one single platform, as well as engage many more users working for your sales growth, like field sales force, distributors, store personnel or even the crowd.

3. Insights

– we continue to help our customers to bring the decision-making process to a new level based on AI-empowered solutions. These include the ability to leverage a huge amount of data, convert the data into insights and turn those into actionable tasks for the sales teams to make them perform at their best.

A strong product roadmap

The Promotion Optimization Institute highly appreciated our roadmap initiative in its report “2019 Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods”. Referring to the POI document, we stand out by the exceptional focus on innovation and a strong product roadmap.


Do not hesitate to reach out to your program/project manager in Asseco Business Solutions to discuss the updated Mobile Touch by Asseco Roadmap.

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