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The Consumer Goods industry is changing continuously at an accelerated pace. That is driven by many factors, including consumer behaviour, shopping preferences, new technologies, pandemic health restrictions etc. For this reason, proven RTM methods are not working well anymore under all circumstances, or they are not sufficient anymore. This is why alternative ways of reaching your trade partners, customers and consumers come into play.

What are your new options?

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  1. Are you suffering from limited feedback from the points of sales and decreasing impact on them? Complement your current limited face-to-face visits in brick-and-mortar stores with on-line activities. Substitute face-to-face visits with virtual ones as a new visit type within your Sales Force Automation technology. In addition, introduce virtual cooperation with retailers using self-service capabilities. Continually exchange information with the stores and engage their personnel in selected processes like order placing, in-store auditing and merchandising.
  2. Has your partnership with the distribution network ground to a halt? You probably already have made the first step forward, which is the digitisation of your relationship with business partners. So far, so good. However, it is high time to enrich your existing e-Commerce strategy with AI. It will help you maximise effectiveness, generate actionable recommendations and predict future sales precisely to ensure sales continuity much better.
  3. Are you missing sales opportunities in the physical points of sales? Embed a consumer channel into your virtual sales strategy as well. Enable trade networks and retail stores to serve shoppers both virtually and in click & collect mode. The more your retailers expand, the more you earn.


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