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In the last two Impulses, we had talked about two fundamental elements of leading-edge Route-to-Market capabilities: Dynamic Segmentation and Smart Route Optimisation. Applying those properly you will reach the right customers. But what’s the next-best-action at the store? Let’s focus today on the third element of the next generation RTM capabilities.

Next-best-action - how to?

All you have to do is gaining the ability to generate insightful task recommendations on “what to do” at the POS and provide your field sales force with respective suggestions dynamically. All based on data you already possess, generate and collect daily. The magic comes with applying Artificial Intelligence to find patterns in the data automatically and generate insight-based tasks for your sales representatives.

What are the benefits?

The capability to take more fit-for-purpose efforts at the POS enables you to unlock the most significant value from your in-store visits and achieve the highest possible profit.

Any example?

If there is, for example, a drop in sales at a particular store, you may prompt your sales representative to mitigate the situation quickly. It can include, e.g. providing a specific promotional offer, changing a display or bringing in specific marketing materials into the store.


Let’s discuss more in-depth on how to boost your sales at the POS smartly with intelligent Retail Activity Optimisation.

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    Learn more about your sell-more opportunities available with Omnichannel for FMCG!