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How to make your sales force more effective at the POS? Put some remedial action into practice. What specifically? Here are five tips on how to improve your in-store operations and make your sales force’s everyday life easier.

1. Better visit planning

With Retail Activity Optimisation, you can continuously provide your field sales teams with information on the most effective visits to be planned. Thanks to this, your in-store activities are not accidental anymore. They are precisely selected, taking into account the likelihood of achieving the highest possible income.

2. Better store auditing

With on-line and off-line Image Recognition, you can automate the painstaking and time-consuming manual shelf auditing, no matter if you have internet access or not. All done with picture taking, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. This solution helps you to collect better quality and more store/shelf data, easily transform it into in-store excellence KPIs and produce valuable task recommendations regarding the most urgent problems.

3. Better selling

With Smart Presentation, you can provide your retailers with very compelling and personalised selling stories - enriched with factual and store-level data injections. Excellent and insightful visualisation makes your proposition catchier, easier to understand and better to remember.

4. Better selling vol. 2

With Augmented Reality, you can show the retailers what the point of sales will look like with your POS materials or how your products should be displayed on the shelf. It allows you to demonstrate your ideas in an easy to understand and very persuasive way.

5. Better motivation

With real-time Targeting and Compensation, you can assign targets to your mobile employees and enable them to track their current achievements during every sales call. Additional engagement can be triggered when presenting current information on the bonus; all based on the targets achieved.

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