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Augmented Reality allows you to influence store personnel to succeed in getting your merchandising placed more easily. It opens additional opportunities to create the best sales conditions for your offer at the POS. Even if you hire highly skilled sales representatives who are communicative, smart, and capable of winning retailer’s hearts, a certain amount of technology can empower your sales growth.

With the use of Augmented Reality, you let your retailers “experience” your offer virtually in real-time. You make them aware of what the point of sales or the shelf will look like when they approve, for instance, your promotion, POS installation options, equipment arrangements or planograms.

How does Augmented Reality practically work in FMCG sales?

Reality combines the virtual world with a real-world environment. It enables you to use digital 3D visualisation at the points of sales on an ad-hoc basis. All available on the mobile phone or tablet with the right retail execution solution installed.

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What are the tangible benefits of using Augmented Reality in FMCG Sales?

Augmented Reality helps FMCG Sales to influence in-store conditions more efficiently and successfully. Customers report being able to sell more displays and other in-store objects like refrigerators. As a result, it helps overcome the “last metre objection” of having no proper space at the POS.

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