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AI-powered segmentation helps you to dynamically find a perfect fit of store segments best-selling a specific type of consumer goods products. It is for this reason that you can always offer your retail customers the most up-to-date adequate assortment, which is likely to sell best in their area at the time. Thus, you can fully exploit your sales potential, take the more fit-for-purpose effort and boost your sales.

AI-based segmentation:

  • Allows you to get rid of the limitations of traditional static segmentation which refers to a specific point in time only and neglects ongoing changes in the outlet landscape. AI identifies store segments with the support of Big Data.
  • Up-dates your store segments dynamically, in responding to changing circumstances.
  • Efficiently supports you in the decision-making process. It helps you to find the patterns hidden in data, generate valuable insights on your selling potential, as well as translate the insights into actionable recommendations. As a result, you receive very specific suggestions on “Where to go” to not lose sales and to achieve the highest income.


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