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Do you want to sell more in FMCG? To do this, you need to identify the best, most brilliant, cost-effective and shortest way to reach the consumers. The right ones, at the right time, with the right offer and activities. But how to do it best? You can achieve it by embedding Artificial Intelligence into your Route-to-Market.

Why AI? AI helps you to fully exploit your sales potential, providing you with intelligent task suggestions for your sales teams. They enable you to quickly and dynamically find the answers to the questions like “where-to-go”, “when-to-go”, and “what-to-do”. Thanks to that, you can allocate the right assortment at those retail outlets where consumers really need it. You can also identify the stores which require quick intervention. Last but not least, you can concentrate on the most profitable actions and achieve the highest return on investment.

Here are a few suggestions on what the most significant AI-powered Route-to-Market capabilities are:

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  1. Dynamic Segmentation helps you continuously determine sales points where given product categories sell best (“where-to-go”). As a result, your sales force efforts are more fit-for-purpose.
  2. Intelligent Route Optimisation enables you to identify those stores where you have the best chance of winning at the shelf right now (“when-to-go”). It takes into account tangible and current business aspects, like: “drop in sales”, “out of stock”, “potential for selling more”, “Perfect Store score decline”, “consumer promotion pending”, etc. As a result, your sales force efforts are more aligned with current priorities.
  3. Retail Activity Optimisation provides your sales teams with insightful suggestions and a list of specific actions (“to-dos”) to be taken at the store level and their execution sequence (“what to do”). As a result, your sales force efforts focus on unlocking the most significant value and achieving the highest return on investment during a call.

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