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Each consumer goods company deals with a massive amount of sales data. Most of it is coming from field sales teams, logistics departments, ERP etc. So far, so good. However, it is not sufficient to focus on sell-in data. It is necessary to collect sell-out data from the commercial business partners as well.

Data Integration is a “must-have” capability in the digital era, where information is one of the most valuable business assets. The idea is to consolidate data coming from different sources, like ePOS Retailer Data, Distributor, Wholesaler & Broker Data, 3rd Party Agency Data, Syndicated Data and Crowd-Sourcing Data. As a consequence, you can determine your factual market position more precisely, bring your relationships with distributors to a new level and build the most optimal Route-to-Market.

Tune your Route-to-Market with business partner Data Integration(1)

What business values does Data Integration bring in consumer goods? Data Integration allows you in particular to:

  1. Collect demand signals from distribution channels and stores and generate significant business insights to support decision-making processes regarding your sales strategy.
  2. Make sure your retail execution processes are performed effectively and contribute to improved sales results.
  3. Recognise the points of sales with the highest sales potential to direct your sales representatives there with the right offer and receive the best outcome.
  4. Evaluate your sales force’s efforts and offer them adequate compensation by measuring the impact of its activities at the POS.
  5. Align bonuses for your mobile staff with the sell-out results they achieve in their sales territories.
  6. Settle precisely with your distribution partners based on factual inventory level data.
  7. Monitor sell-out and inventories and create replenishment orders just in time. Reduce the risk of losing sales due to out of stock.
  8. Improve many indicators regarding sales in stores, numerical distribution, inventory levels, and many more.

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