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The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) once again included our retail execution solutions in its recent report “2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods”. Our organisation has been evaluated very highly by the POI specialists, taking into account both the company and product assessment. Additionally, we received multiple “POI Best-in-Class” distinctions for innovative solutions for the FMCG industry.

Each edition of the POI Vendor Panorama presents the most significant retail sales execution technology providers for consumer goods companies. This year’s report assesses nearly twenty vendors. POI also highlights recent trends and their implications for the solution marketplace.

What does The Promotion Optimization Institute say about Asseco?

POI sees our company as growing, innovating and expanding globally. Its latest report describes us as an innovator across all aspects of Retail Sales Execution, focusing on “sell more” capabilities with an excellent vision and strong product roadmap.

What are our notable differentiators and strengths? According to POI:

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1. We offer exceptionally user-friendly solutions and a single platform for all routes to market.

2. We have successfully developed a Digital Sales Visit capability for FMCG.

3. We offer AI-driven insights:

  • we enhanced the RAO algorithms allowing you to determine the best recommendation on “where-to-go”, “when-to-go” and “what-to-do”,
  • we can also effectively suggest to you the best solutions on “how-to-go” to drive effectiveness. These include the options like F2F visits at the POS, virtual sales calls or mixed models.

4. We also received the “Best-in-Class” distinctions for the solutions like Retail Activity Optimisation, Predictive AI, Gamification and Guided Selling.

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Pam Brown is a Chief Commercial Officer at the Promotion Optimization Institute. In her role, she is responsible for creating and executing the POI strategy, research and advice. She also elevates practices and CPG and Retailer relationships.

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The Promotion Optimization Institute brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics and other industry leaders with the specific objective of collaboratively improving holistic enterprise planning and the promotion and distribution of consumer goods. Members of POI share cross-functional best practices in both structured and informal settings. More information:

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Source: “2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods”