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Efficient preparation and proper in-store execution are extremely important to succeed in consumer goods sales visits. Enabling a capability to provide your sales force with compellingly visualized summaries both to prepare and execute sales visits is the key to achieve the next levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

An attractive visualisation can speak more than 1,000 words. It makes your message catchier, easier to understand and better to remember. Additionally, when you combine a compelling presentation layer with specific and factual store-level data injections, you create a persuasive source of valuable insights for your sales representatives and retail customers.

Additionally, condensing all the information within one single comprehensive place makes sales calls easier to prepare and execute. It gives your sales representatives a high-level overview of the customer results, even including the data collected during a visit.

What are the benefits of enabling a Sales Visit One-Pager for your Sales Reps?

Combining the Mobile Touch One-Pager and Mobile Touch Smart Presentation brings your field sales force tangible benefits:

  • understand what is going on at a given POS,
  • observe and understand local trends,
  • benchmark a POS to similar ones in the store segment or neighbourhood,
  • identify what should be improved right away,
  • recognise out-of-stock or low stock at a glance,
  • generate respective orders or create barcode-based order suggestions
  • convince retail customers to buy your proposition,
  • increase persuasiveness and impact on the stores.

What are the benefits of enabling a Sales Visit One-Pager for your retail customers?

When providing POS personnel with attractive and insightful selling stories you can easily explain your offer to them and the aim of the proposed issue mitigation strategies. You can also consult them about the weaknesses of the POSs, which areas need development and how the local market trends are evolving, etc.

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