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Image Recognition is an FMCG sell-more enabler due to its automated data collection features. This AI-powered solution allows consumer goods manufacturers to collect more data quicker and more objectively. As a result, you can improve your in-store performance dramatically, provided that your Image Recognition solution is working well anywhere and anytime.

What is the idea?

The idea of Image Recognition is quite simple - the solution allows you to collect data coming from in-store picture taking instead of manual auditing. However, the technology supporting it is very advanced – Image Recognition uses elements of Artificial Intelligence, like Computer Vision for automated image recognition and Deep Learning for advanced shelf data analysis.

What is the point?

Image Recognition helps consumer goods manufacturers to take the shelf data collection process to the next level, as well as minimise or eliminate manual auditing. The solution enables quick verification of the presence of SKUs and their quality exposure at the POS. Then it transforms the generated data into in-store excellence KPIs. Last but not least, it turns the KPIs into insights to produce valuable task recommendations for your field teams.

What is new?

Up to nowImage Recognition was available as an online service only. Thus, it was not always working properly in cases of limited internet access. Now Image Recognition is also available offline to ensure a constant IR experience at the point of sales. The AI algorithms are now put right onto the mobile devices of your field teams.

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