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What changes in your sales performance when incorporating data-driven insights into your Route-to-Market? With Artificial Intelligence, you can find ways to optimise not just the overall performance but also the effectiveness of your sales activities. Having access to AI-driven suggestions on “where to go” or “what to do”, you get towards a more fit-for-purpose sales effort.

In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence helps you find patterns hidden in the data you store and generate every day (e.g. via field sales force or merchandisers). The AI analysis is exact, objective and free from bias. As a result, you receive recommendations for activities with the greatest potential impact.

Discover the benefits

Here are five key benefits of using AI to support decision-making for consumer goods companies:

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  1. You will start reaching the market in a more deliberate, targeted way. AI will help you identify your best retail customers with the highest growth potential and eliminate or reduce engagement with stores where the return on investment is too low. You will also have a chance to start a collaboration with the new high-potential clients (suggested by AI) you are not serving yet.
  2. You will find the best path to sell to the best customers. AI will help you optimise your visit frequency at the points of sales and adjust the method to reach retail customers in the best possible way (via face-to-face visits, phone calls, digital calls, self-service, in a hybrid model, etc.).
  3. You will fully satisfy consumers’ expectations at the POS. AI will help you provide customers with the product categories in demand at specific stores, regions and moments. Additionally, it will suggest the appropriate promotional activity to increase in-store sales and inform you when a special offer changes demand.
  4. Your field teams will not waste time at the POS anymore. AI will help you determine a list of specific actions (“to-dos”) to be taken at the store level to improve your in-store execution (like recommending an order suggestion, changing a display, or activating a promotional offer).
  5. You will quickly identify changes to the retail environment and adjust accordingly . AI will help you to be constantly aware of what is going on in your customer audience. It will dynamically update your best customer base to detect potential risks of losing steam or sales leakage.

How to start a journey with AI?

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You can enrich your sales solutions strategy with, for instance, an innovative Recommendation System by Asseco. The solution provides data-driven insights to help users find the answers to the critical Route-to-Market questions “Where to go?”, “When to go?” and “What to do?”.

It covers functionalities like Dynamic Segmentation, New Coverage and Market Guard. With the Recommendation System by Asseco, you can better identify the sales potential of the stores, focus efforts accordingly and react when any change is spotted.

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