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Mobile SFA is an essential piece of the puzzle towards sales excellence in the consumer goods industry. Sales Force Automation technology has been supporting field sales face-to-face in-store visits globally for many years. Therefore, it has evolved over time into a very sophisticated set of solutions. This applies to both fundamental SFA features and the next generation innovations, like Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimization, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.

Here are 6 tips for creating an outstanding Sales Force Automation strategy:

  1. Provide fundamental Sales Force Automation functions & features for routing, calendar, surveys, promotions, orders, contracts, assets, inventories or cash collection, etc. to increase the efficiency of your sales force's day-to-day operations. However, most importantly to ensure easy to use capabilities.
  2. Create and maintain the best in-store sales conditions by constantly making your offer visible, available and attractively displayed at the points of sales. In order to achieve this, enable Perfect Store KPI audits during the sales calls and improve the situation visit by visit - to win at the shelf every day.
  3. Enable effective dynamic planning and in-store execution with Retail Activity Optimisation. Help your sales representatives to select the stores with the greatest sales potential based on activity impact and priority.
  4. Link your sales force’s actions to a compelling Motivation scheme. Support all in-store activities based on a set of KPIs and track the results in real-time to increase your employees’ performance and engagement. Why not include gamification to inject some fun?
  5. Develop the knowledge and skills of your field sales force with mobile Coaching. You will be able to easily and efficiently train your sales representatives on products, new assortment, promotions, etc.
  6. Use Smart Presentation to present your selling stories more comprehensively in front of your customers and provide insightful business cases based on store level data injections.

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