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Due to digitalization, the consumer goods industry is facing great and inevitable changes. The technologies of the future have already arrived. The sooner you re-shape your sales strategy the better. Tune the ways of cooperating with business partners and retailers. Use the power of data to sell better and sell more.

How to digitalize your Go-to-market models?

  • Amend your Go-to-market models. Go Omnichannel and combine your off-line field sales operations with online self-services. Leverage Field Sales Agencies, Syndicated Data Providers, the Crowd, Distributors and Customer Staff next to your own field sales teams.
  • Generate more data. Use data coming from as many sources as possible, especially from all your channel partners, customers and retailers. Use technologies like Image Recognition to collect in-store excellence data continuously.
  • Generate better insights. Add Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning capabilities to turn data into actionable data intelligence, generate valuable insights and suggest the best set of actions for your sales teams


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