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Digital cooperation with distribution partners and retailers allows consumer goods manufacturers to improve their sales processes. All this is possible when adding a new route-to-market like an e-Commerce B2B web platform for self-service channels in FMCG.

e-Commerce B2B is a very powerful tool for FMCG manufacturers from sectors such as food, beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, OTC and others. The solution enables you to transfer some aspects of brand communication and many significant sales processes in the virtual world. While being a digital channel, e-Commerce B2B engages your business partners and retailers in conducting many sales processes on-line in a self-service mode.

e-Commerce B2B for FMCG helps to eliminate the key problems which consumer goods manufacturers face when cooperating within their distribution network, like:

  1. e-Commerce B2B provides business partners with 24/7 online access to customized information on up-to-date trade terms, pricing, discounts, promotions, product details, quotas and stocks, etc. All available on desktops, tablets or phones, as well as from any place and at any time.
  2. e-Commerce B2B allows you to eliminate manual order intake; it easily streamlines orders coming from different sources (e.g. online platform entries, EDI, fax). With the platform your customer service teams do not have to spend many hours dealing with every order anymore.
  3. e-Commerce B2B allows your business partners to order the right products in the right quantities, thanks to the VMI order suggestion capability.
  4. e-Commerce B2B displays all order details in real-time (e.g. invoices values, bonuses received, loyalty credits achieved, etc.). It also enables the sharing of documents for placed orders. All in all, it helps to ensure very efficient and transparent communication.

e-Commerce B2B by Asseco allows our consumer goods customers to collaborate with their business partners and retailers digitally. It supports the basic sales management areas like brand communication, orders, promotions and complaints. Additionally, the users will be able to benefit from its advanced features including e.g. Loyalty, Perfect Store, Motivation and Gamification. The solution is part of the Global FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco which supports many consumer goods sales processes, both face-to-face and virtually.

Dr. Andreas Enders  International Sales and Implementations