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The shelf management revolution has started in FMCG. Join it to manage availability and distribution at the POS better. Read our e-Book and find out how to digitise shelf auditing processes and fuel analytics to improve sales across the board.

In this short document, you will discover how to increase sales efficiency when empowering your mobile retail execution technology with Image Recognition.

You will learn our suggestions for the most effective use of Image Recognition in the consumer goods industry and find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, like:

Shelf audit with Image Recognition. How does it work? What kind of data can I generate?

What if there are connectivity problems or disruptions? How to cope with restrictions appearing at the POS?

Can I explore Image Recognition across different sales channels? How to help my sales force work efficiently?

What can I get when using Image Recognition? How to make the most of Image Recognition in FMCG?

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