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The right solution for your success in retail execution in FMCG! 

Image Recognition by Asseco is an AI-powered solution and a significant sell-more enabler for the consumer goods industry. The solution allows you to digitise POS auditing processes carried out regularly at the points of sales.  It, therefore, improves your in-store performance dramatically.

It is not only about improved data collection. Image Recognition by Asseco helps you better assess in-store execution and let your field teams take appropriate action to improve a shelf situation and boost sales. What is worth pointing out, it works well anywhere and anytime, regardless of Internet access.

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Discover Nestlé experience with Image Recognition by Asseco

Watch the movie and find out how Image Recognition by Asseco boosts the efficiency of the Nestlé store visits and can be further leveraged to support future Nestlé Route-to-Market scenarios.

How does Image Recognition by Asseco work in practice?

Go beyond simple data collection to get a clear picture of the POS situation and solve the problems effectively


Image Recognition by Asseco allows you to quickly collect shelf data based on in-store picture taking.

KPIs results in real-time

The solution turns the photos into rich datasets. It then quickly transforms collected data into excellence KPIs.

Key insights

The solution enables you to automate and simplify large parts of datasets to bring you valuable insights.

Sales suggestions

It then provides you with recommendations of the best solutions to any problems spotted during the visit.

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Philippe Papanastassiou

Managing Director at Asseco Business Solutions

"Image Recognition by Asseco offers you much more than a simple Business Process Optimisation functionality. It is not a simple tool but the right solution designed to serve your company’s objectives".

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IR Product Manager at Asseco Business Solutions

"With our IR solution, you can give commercial teams the visual tools to negotiate better agreements with their clients. You can boost sales, minimise risks of losses, anticipate problems and be much more proactive than ever".

Efficiently verify SKU presence and make sure your assortment is picture-perfect at any POS! 

Image Recognition by Asseco enables you to assess plenty of KPIs, like:




Quality of exposure


Shelf standard

What makes our IR solution so handy for FMCG?

Your key competence and competitive advantages over the competition

Enable a breakthrough 60sec shelf check

Image Recognition by Asseco enables quick verification of the presence of SKUs and their quality exposure at the POS. With the solution, you can check the store shelf objectively and get the business KPIs within 60 seconds. Watch the movie and learn more!

Collect more valuable data

The data you collect with Image Recognition by Asseco is more precise, more objective and enriched with competitive information. It is also free from human limitations like subjective assessments, negligence or even bad attitudes (“a picture does not lie”).


Maximise the impact of Image Recognition with the insights

Image Recognition by Asseco effectively works with other AI-driven elements, like Machine Learning or Deep Learning. Thanks to that it helps you generate tasks and recommendations on “what to do” to solve the store’s problem. When checking your product’s availability with our IR tool, you may, for example: avoid out-of-stock or oversupply, find the ideal play (for the product, promo, etc.) and the best alternatives.

Ensure a constant IR experience at the POS

With Image Recognition by Asseco, you can carry out the in-store audit without any restrictions or interruptions. The solution works well in both online and offline modes. It makes you independent of the Internet connection - when the network is poor or unavailable.


Explore different sales channells

Image Recognition by Asseco supports your auditing processes carried out regularly at the points of sales by your commercial teams. They can be both, your own sales force (with the use of the Mobile Retail Execution solution) and external users, like merchandisers or store personnel (with the use of the Customer Portal).


Introduce some fun and excitement

Image Recognition by Asseco helps you educate, assess and motivate your commercial staff with the use of gamification. The solution provides them with instructions, guides, movies and many more training materials. It monitors the quality of their picture-taking, analyses results and provides you with the reports. Based on this you can offer them appropriate bonuses accordingly.



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