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Keeping pace with the times, consumer goods manufacturers equip their mobile sales force with state-of-the-art solutions. It is all about helping them to be more effective at the points of sales. One innovative element is Augmented Reality making your sales representatives more persuasive when negotiating with store personnel.


How does it work in FMCG sales?

Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real and virtual worlds.

In the hands of your sales representatives, it enables you to combine existing store conditions coming from on-site picture taking and virtual 3D models installed in the SFA solution. In other words, it allows your mobile staff to place virtual objects (like a display) in a real store space and create a visualisation for your retail partners on the fly.


What kind of benefits does it bring?

Augmented Reality creates an interactive experience at the points of sales.

Your sales force may, for instance, demonstrate what the store will look like with your POS materials or how your products should be displayed. As a consequence, they can sell ideas and propositions in an easy to understand and more persuasive way.

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