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When defining clear and precise targets for your sales representatives, you increase your chances of winning at the POS dramatically.


  • Plan the overall KPIs (e.g. sales, numerical distribution, Perfect Store scoring) for a given period, define also the proper goals for each of your sales representatives.
  • Break-down those individual targets to an appropriate grain level - e.g. per month, per day, per visit and enable KPI tracking at the assigned level.
  • Make your sales force fully aware of their daily targets at the beginning of the day and then show them in real-time how target accomplishments grow call by call.
  • Show their performance in relation to their peer group, e.g. in leader boards or competitions.
  • Link their performance in real-time to their variable commision or to bonus points earned – right after the completion of each customer call to show them how their efforts pay off.


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