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In the last couple of years we have deployed our retail execution solutions across the globe in more than 50 markets. These include regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America - the so called “Emerging Markets”. As a result, we gained a strong expertise and deep knowledge to fully understand the needs, rules and principles that characterise these fast-growing economies.

The consumer goods industry in the Emerging Markets is growing rapidly year by year. However, this poses a specific challenge to the manufacturers and their sales teams. They need to create a solid foundation for effective retail execution enabling field force efficiency and sell more and sell better capabilities in their traditional retail environment including mobile street markets, kiosks and mom & pop supermarkets, etc.


How to enable this?



  1. Emerging Market customers need a comprehensive Sales Force Automation Fundamental solution. Its features help their field sales teams to better plan and execute sell-in and sell-out activities. It includes targets, routing, calendar, surveys, promotions, orders, van sales, cash collection, etc.
  2. The solution needs to be a fully managed cloud service no matter in which country, time zone or region the users are located.
  3. Once the solution is installed the services need to be provided from data centres close-by to the respective region, e.g. from India, China or Brazil.
  4. Last but not least, the respective support services need to be based on the customer specific service level agreements.

We constantly expand our activities worldwide. In the meantime, we are doing business in a number of Emerging Markets like India, China, Myanmar, Mexico, Brazil and Columbia. We offer FMCG companies from these regions fundamental retail execution technologies allowing them to drive sales and win at the point of sales. 

Dr. Andreas Enders, International Sales and Implementations


About Retail Execution by Asseco



Mobile Touch by Asseco covers both rich fundamental SFA functionality as well as leading-edge retail execution sell-more enablers like Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation and Coaching. Our solutions improve sales performance and boost efficiency of over 45,000 FMCG sales users from over 50 countries worldwide.

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